who we are

Our Mission

NYM Construction is a full-suite Real Estate development firm that has garnished a reputation for being the firm of choice for commercial construction. We take a holistic approach to each project, and ensure each detail, major and minor, is completed to perfection. We do not take on any project, unless we can guarantee that the results will be a beautiful addition to the city’s landscape, and the owner’s portfolio. Our clients know there is nothing we won’t do for them. We’re a large firm with a boutique touch. We pride ourselves in providing all-inclusive services – and specializing in each area. When partnering with NYM Construction Construction, you are assured of a smooth process, an expedited endeavor, and remarkable results.

Our Promise

At NYM Construction, nothing is impossible. Our completed projects stand out for their modernity, structural integrity, and the speed with which they were completed. We strive to complete buildings well ahead of projected timeframes, and anticipate and negate hurdles throughout the way. We plan our timetables carefully around any projected supply price increase, in order to minimize costs for our clients. A building constructed by NYM Construction will generally be completed in half the timespan of competing firms, and with a far lower price tag. Because at NYM Construction Construction, your project is our project, and your success is our success.

Our Niche

Construction, especially commercial, multi-unit construction, is a long and often complex process. NYM Construction is committed to shouldering the entire burden of customers’ projects, gifting developers and investors with the rare peace of mind that accompanies a job well done. We get involved even before the property is purchased, utilizing advanced analysis strategies to determine potential profitability of each lot. Our expert guidance and service continues throughout, until a certificate of occupancy has been issued, and beyond. We hold a developer’s hand every step of the way. For a busy investor, we are a dream come true.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actualize our clients’ vision. We build on our experiences to expand the services we provide and construct even larger buildings, even faster. In addition to developments we construct for others, we also build our own properties. Our goals for both are the same: to keep growing, to keep expanding. No job is too large for NY Major Construction.

How We Evolved

The driving force behind NYM Construction is Yiddy Nussenzweig, a name synonymous with stellar commercial construction and promises fulfilled and exceeded. He leverages his 15+ years of success in the industry, to enable unsurpassed service for owners seeking top quality construction. NYM Construction started small, but quickly emerged as a powerful force on the field as our clients witnessed our legendary service and unparalleled dedication. Ultimately, the scope and size of the projects they entrusted with us, grew. We now construct multi-story projects, utilizing only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge designs.